Warranty Information

Aakron Xpress Ltd Inflatable Boats Warranty Information

Product Warranty 14 day Approval period
You always have 14 days from receipt of your boat/goods to check them and if not entirely happy with the size or quality , return them freight paid in an unused condition and we will refund your payment promptly and in full or swap as you desire shipping and handling not included.

Aakron Inflatable Boats Limited Warranty

  • Each new Aakron Inflatable Boat and its accessories attached thereto (hereafter called the ‘boat’) sold by Aakronxpress Ltd (trading as Aakron Marine, and hereafter referred to as the ‘Trader’) is warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship.
  • This warranty shall become effective only on receipt of a completed registration form by the Trader within 3 months of the date of purchase.
  • The warranty is for a five year period reducing pro rata from the date of purchase and warrants that the base fabric and seams will not fail but will remain fit for their purpose, provided that the boat shall be stored under-cover and protected from sunlight and the elements at all reasonable times when not in use.
  • This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, accidental damage, over-pressurisation, commercial use including charter use, live-aboard or tropical cruising, neglect, racing, or lack of maintenance, fading or oxidation or other damage caused by ultra-violet radiation or sun damage, fuel and solvents, or sunscreen lotion and insect repellants. Nor does it cover the use or abuse of any accessory not sold by us with the boat.
  • This warranty does not cover any incidental or consequential loss, loss of time, inconvenience or loss of income, or any other costs of any type consequent to any claim under this warranty without excluding any rights a purchaser may have under the Consumer Guarantees Act.
  • Claims shall be made under this warranty by delivering the boat during normal working hours for inspection by the Trader or its nominated agent who will then either do the repairs or arrange for the inspection and repair, provided such service is covered under this warranty. The purchaser shall pay for the cost of any transport required. If the service needed is not covered by this warranty the purchaser shall pay for all related labour, materials and any other associated expenses required to fix the problem. Any boat or parts shipped to the Trader or agent must be shipped with freight prepaid.
  • The Traders obligations under this warranty shall be limited to repairing or replacing (at the Traders sole discretion) any defective part. The Trader reserves the right to improve or modify any boat without assuming any obligation to modify any boat previously manufactured.
  • This warranty is not intended to preclude any rights the purchaser may have pursuant to any ‘fair trading’ laws applicable in the country of purchase.

Note: In the interests of obtaining the longest life from your investment it is recommended that the boat and accessories be hosed down with fresh water after use and stored in a cool (not freezing) dry place out of the sun and weather, while being very slightly deflated. Sun-covers are available from Aakron Inflatables at very reasonable prices. Avoid contact with sunscreen lotions and insect repellants as these plastcize the fabric and cause it to become sticky and discolour.

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Aakron Xpress Ltd Boat Trailer Warranty Information

All our boat trailers are made from quality materials and components which are inspected where-ever possible before shipment from source countries for conformity with our strict specifications. We are continually improving design and features of our trailers so details will change as improvements occur.

All boat trailers carry a 5 year structural guarantee and their components (except as noted below) sold by us carry a parts and labour warranty for twelve months from the date of purchase. Bearing failure is not covered as bearing performance is highly dependent on owners diligence in maintaining greasing, nor is any consequential loss incurred through the use of the trailer or any failure of the trailer or any part of it. Claims accepted under warranty will be attended to within 24 hours by service at the nearest centre nominated by Aakron. The responsibility and cost of getting the trailer to the service centre rests with the owner.

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