Tiny Home Trailer

Tiny Home Trailer

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Competitive finance available from MTF (Apply Now)

  • From $4,500-$10,000 incl. GST
  • Specifications are indicative only, we customize to your requirements

    Typical specifications:

    • Typical price: $6590 incl. GST (image on the left)
    • Suits a 7.2m x 2.5m-3.1m tiny home
    • Handles up to 2.0t weight
    • Pre galvanised box steel
    • Over-ride brakes
    • Commercial grade 8ply tyres
    • Road legal LED lights
    • Rego & WOF ready to go
    • ‘Brake-away’ brakes on request
    • Fully customizable


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    Building a Tiny Home?

    AX Tiny Home Trailers

    Aakron Xpress are experts at building custom trailers of all sorts and Tiny Home trailers are easy and economical. They give you transportability, sale-ability, and provide a sound base for your Tiny Home structure. Talk to Lloyd at Aakron Xpress about your project and how we can save you money and hassles with our economical and flexible designs to suit any size tiny home from a one-room sleep-out to a 3 tonne fully self-contained mobile home.

    Other options

    Other standard models available from 5m, up to 10m length & a gross weight of 3.5 tonnes with electric break-away brakes and triple axles.

    Talk to us as early as possible in your project so we can help to maximise the savings that are possible with a properly designed and built home & trailer.

    Free tips on the best way to build your Tiny Home, too.

    In the eyes of the law

    Do you know that if you put your tiny home on a truly road-worthy trailer, ie registered and warranted, and don’t connect it permanently to services such as sewage, power etc it can be treated as a ‘motor vehicle’ not a house? As such you won’t need a building permit or resource consent etc any more than a caravan does. If in doubt, we recommend you check your local council regarding the current applicable regulations, as these can change.

    The typical build

    The unit pictured is suited to a Tiny Home 7m long & 2.5m-3.1m wide and weighing up to about 2.0 tonnes. You can fix the flooring directly to the steel frame. If heavier than 2 tonnes we can add ‘break-away’ brakes if you want to drive it on public roads. Its priced from $6590 including GST, depending on the final specification. We can build in almost any feature you can think of, including corner jacks, telescopic drawbars, electric/hydraulic brakes, alloy wheels, etc.

    Always included are dura-galv. box steel construction, dual axles, over-ride brakes, commercial grade 8 ply tyres, jockey wheels, road legal LED lights with standard NZ 50mm or 1-7/8″ couplers, plus Rego & WOF ready to drive away.

    And our standard 5yr structural warranty!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. How much does a tiny home trailer cost?

    A typical trailer goes from $5000 to $8000 incl. GST depending on size & complexity. Ask for a quote now.

    4. Can I finance my build?

    Yes! Competitive finance is available from our partners at MTF (Apply Now)

    2. Do your trailers come with a warranty?

    Yes. All our trailers are backed by a 5 Year Warranty.

    4. How long does it take?

    After getting all the details on paper the process usually takes no longer than 3-4 weeks.

    Talk to our friendly team:

    Talk to our friendly team: