Boat Trailer Service

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Trailer Inspection and Service for Only $99. Add $25 if brakes are fitted.

Special Winter Price (valid until 31-08-2023)
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Don’t neglect your most critical boating asset. Ask yourself: do you want to spend more time on the side of the road, at the ramp trying to launch your boat, or out on the water? You know the answer…

By properly maintaining your trailers bearings, rollers, skids, winch, accessories etc, you can rest assured on the highway or at the ramp, allowing you to focus more on boating.

Basic service for Boat Trailer includes:

  1. Check and re-grease your boat trailer’s wheel bearings
  2. Lubricate and re-tension the trailer’s wheel nuts to the correct torque specifications
  3. Inspect your trailer structure for cracks or severely rusted areas
  4. Check all safety chains and the tow coupler
  5. Check and lubricate your wobble/keel rollers, brackets and split pins as necessary
  6. Check your trailer winch strap, drum rust, and lubricate gears
  7. Check your lights or light board and 7-pin coupler
  8. Check your trailers brakes and pads (if fitted)
  9. Check your wheels for tyre pressure and tread wear
  10. Check Rego and WOF is up to date

An Inspection report will be provided, highlighting the work and costs (if any) that need to be done.

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